V-spoiler, has its name from the V-shaped shape, which originated from experiments with a so-called Vortex generator, also called VG. VG`s are known from Siemens, Vestas, NASA and Formula 1 engineers. A VG is nothing new, but a unit that helps to control wind and vacuum in the best possible way, to avoid resistance and lag.

Two important factors that help determine your fuel consumption, and the best possible flow at a given speed. Not only does the V-spoiler reduce your fuel consumption and your CO2 emissions. In addition, you get the opportunity to order with reflectors that provide unique safety when you have to back out from a dark exit, You get a cleaner rear end, as dirt, road salt, dust, sand, snow and ice are led far behind your rear end, whereby your taillights do not get dirty.

This saves you washing, which is equal to less use of water, which is also good for the environment. When driving in a lot of snow / ice (Norway), tail lights are flashed as today you use LED lights, which are a cold light. In the past, bulbs were used which, with low heat, could keep lights ice-free. When you use a V-spoiler, ice, road salt, snow drifts further back, giving you more safety.

By installing a V-spoiler on the front trailer / trailer with cooling machines, you can save a lot of money on service, as the wind containing sand, gravel, salt, ice, snow continues past the space between the front trailer and trailer. When mounting at the top of the roof spoiler, you direct the slip current past the “well” where the cooling machine is located, and is exposed to dirt and grime.

When driving with trailers / trucks / Vans / Buses, V-spoiler is the only solution that frees you from drag and in addition shows your customers that YOU, think about the environment. Who would choose a carrier if there is a greener one instead?

Wind tunnel test / Simulation by EDR MEDESO GROUP

EDR Medeso is one of the world’s largest knowledge banks in simulation for industrial use. Here among aerodynamics, hydromatics, which they test for Volvo, Ferrari, Siemens E. ON, Vestas and more.

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