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V-spoilers for Busses and Trucks

V-spoilers is the best solution for minimizing the drag behind your vehicle. Installations is very easy via 3M tape. This tape is special invented between 3m and V-spoilers. It gives very strong hold to the any clean non greasy surface.

Beside saving fuel / CO2 and minimizing the drag you will learn that the rear end will stay clean longer when driving in rain, snow, misty weather. This means also better secureness because your taillights stay clean longer.

When installing V-spoilers on the semitrailer unit, you must also install a kit on your driver cabin / on the spoiler on the tractor head. There is a gap between the trailer and truck, which makes a huge turbulence, and therefor cost you fuel and money. Also, if you are driving truck, and trailer/carriage you have a huge room between, which is making lots of turbulence. For such constellation you must install a kit on the cabin, on the rear end of the truck, and on the rear end of each trailer.

When installing V-spoilers with reflecting pads, you get better visual safety, when driving revers out from dark areas.

Our clients report saving from 2 up till 5% and even more, depending of the driving pattern, and the constellation of the vehicle.

V-spoilers is made I several different models, and materials.

V-spoilers Panels. These can be ordered in special ANTI-UV rubber, or plastic.

V-spoilers singles can be ordered in special ANTI-UV rubber, or plastic.

As ad on, you can order reflector pads to gain more safety in the dark. Besides, it looks nice.

Dim on panels: Length: 43 cm, width: 12 cm. / Dim on singles: length: 8 cm, and width: 12 cm.


V-spoilers are easy to install and mount. Below you can see a selection of our customers’ vehicles and their v-spoiler installations. Want to learn how to install v-spoilers? Check out our how to videos.

How to install on trucks, trailers and busses

How to install on cars

Installing panels on trailer

Installing panels on tank trailer

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